Spray Cleaners that allow you to Get Crafty!

Love, MyO


At MyO, we love using essential oils and creating our own recipes, and we think you will too! We also specialize in plant-derived products that are safe to use, and that is why we created the MyO Craft Cleaning line of products. Each essential oil has many unique qualities and therapeutic benefits. Using your essential oils in our Unscented Household Cleaner Base to make your own household cleaner with a unique and natural fragrance is a great way to bring natural wellness-boosting scents into your spaces. 

The MyO Family

MyO Craft Cleaning products are made in the USA by our family business based in the small but crafty town of Frenchtown, NJ on the Delaware River. We design the products by hand in our home lab, sourcing the best plant-derived and eco-friendly ingredients we can find. Over the years we have made various specialty cleaning products, developing formulas that are both effective cleaners, and that properly emulsify essential oils for natural fragrance. Now we have designed a Household Cleaner formula that allows YOU to make your own natural fragrances (yay!) and a Glass Cleaner with the power of natural vinegar that makes everything shine. 

Go on, get crafty! Add essential oils to design your very own household cleaner.

How it Came to Be

MyO co-founders Jessie Thompson and John Clarke started by developing a plant-derived floor cleaner for yoga studios using essential oils almost 15 years ago. This was born out of a need to get busy, sweaty yoga studios fresher and cleaner. These days, so many folks are as essential oil-crazy as we are, so we thought it time to offer something that allows you to make an everyday household spray cleaner using the essential oil fragrances that you love the most. 

Recipe ideas

Finally, you can add your own essential oils and breathe freely while cleaning.


There's been plenty of talk about being exposed to unwanted chemicals when we clean. All of MyO's ingredients are non-toxic. You will feel and breathe the difference when you use our natural ingredients and your essential oils to clean. 

Prefer unscented? Just add water to the household cleaner base, and go.

A Fantastic Value

Not only do these products work, but in our Household Cleaner and Glass Cleaner pack, you receive 2 spray bottles and 2 bottles of concentrate that turn into 16 bottles of household spray cleaner, and 16 bottles of glass cleaner! 

Make your own easy glass cleaner from our concentrate for anything you want to shine.


Not only can you customize your household spray cleaner cleaner with natural fragrance, but you can also customize the cleaning power. Use 1 oz of super-concentrate household cleaner for everyday, or use more for tougher jobs. You've got it covered with MyO.